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Geotechnical Investigations and Soil Testing Geotechnical investigations are carried out with drilling of bore holes by collecting soil samples and rock cores.
Tri-axial Shear Tests Shear Test is carried out for analysis of shear strength properties of a soil sample. The conditions at which the test is carried are with confined pressure for drained and undrained.
Soil Compaction Test Standard and Modified Proctor tests are carried out used to determine the maximum unit weight and optimal water content a soil can achieve for a given compaction effort.
Hydraulic Conductivity / Permeability Test The test carried out to determine hydraulic conductivity of a soil are with methods viz. constant head, falling head, and constant flow methods.
Expansion Index Test The test is carried out on remolded soil sample to determine the Expansion Index (EI), at a water content of 50% for expansive soils/clays.
Direct Shear Test The direct shear test is carried out to analyze the consolidated & drained strength properties of a sample.
California Bearing Ratio For determination of aptitude of a soil or aggregate sample as a road subgrade CBR test is carried out. A plunger is pushed into a compacted sample, and its resistance is measured.
Atterberg Limits To define the boundaries of several states of consistency for plastic soils, the plastic and liquid limits are evaluated. The boundaries are defined by the amount of water a soil needs to be at one of those boundaries.
Particle-Size/ Sieve Analysis Soil sample collected are passed through standard sieves chronological ordered to determine the gradation. Coarser particles are separated in the sieve analysis portion, and the finer particles are analyzed with ahydrometer.
Water Content The test is carried out by weighing the sample before and after dying in oven. Water content generally expressed as a percentage of the weight of water to the dry weight of the soil.
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