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Transmission Line Survey and PLS CADD Optimization Transmission line survey work is carried out with Total Station/ GPS and optimized tower spotting is carried out with PLS CADD software.
Bill of Quantities / BOQ And Estimate Line estimate is prepared as per tower schedule, tower types, earth wire, conductors, accessories, crossings with statutory proposals, foundation type per soil strata.
Preparation of Detailed Report Consolidated report is prepared with tower schedules, abstracts, statements of crossings and overall salient features of the line with route map and profile drawings.
Village Map and ROW Proposed line is marked on Village maps and list of Survey/Gut Nos. is prepared for ROW purpose.
Tower Spotting and Optimization Using PLS CAD Tower spotting and optimization is carried out using PLS-CADD. Prime feature of PLS CADD is most possible and optimistic combination of towers structures and extensions for given topography, tower and conductor data.
Preparation of Profile Drawings Data of detailed survey is compiled and profile drawings are prepared with the aid of PLSCADD. Beauty of PLS CADD is automatic update of drawings with moving/shifting of Angle Points, changing of orientation of line.
Earth Resistivity Earth resistivity is measured using Earth Resistivity Meters and Four Electrode method.
Strata Classification Optimization of line is reliant on cost of foundations of tower structures. The foundation varies with type of surface and sub surface strata.
Detailed Survey Detailed survey is carried out for collecting details of topographical features within the corridor and ground elevations at requisite interval per ground slope.
Alignment Survey In between the crossing and dead ends alignment survey is carried out to mark the centre line position on ground at visible intervals to facilitate detailed survey.
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